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Mind  Reprogramming for Success
Mind  Reprogramming for Success
Mind  Reprogramming for Success
Erica V
Erica V.
Sharon has been an amazing mentor. She has helped me overcome some mental and spiritual blocks that were keeping me from moving forward. Sharon put things in a different perspective and helped me to understand myself better and overcome some traumas that I was still holding onto from my childhood as well. She has been supportive and gave me insight into my future and helped push me to get started on my passion and business venture.
She has helped me have more faith in myself and my own spiritual gifts. I have learned a lot in a short time working with her and appreciate her guidance. I highly recommend Sharon and her program if you want a compassionate mentor and someone that really listens and wants to help you make your life better in all areas.
I am extremely grateful for meeting Sharon and Thank you so much for everything! Love you Sharon!
Sharon helped me heal some deep-rooted insecurities from my past. She quickly saw that it wasn’t just what my family said to me growing up that was my problem, but that I had internalized those messages and forgotten who I was. Her forgiveness exercise gave me permission to verbalize the things I wanted to say to key people in my life. She helped me understand my story, and that I had the power to shift the paradigm of how I viewed my history - and future.
The big difference with Sharon is her abundant love for everyone and the enthusiasm with which she delivers her message. She empowered me to make a difference in my life by providing concrete steps and exercises to move me forward towards living my best life.
Sharon is deeply connected to the Divine and gives generously of her understanding and love. She is a conduit for healing and re-engaging with your true self and potential.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Sharon doesn’t come in and tell you that she is going to fix whatever is wrong in your life … she helps guide you to how to make things better for yourself.
Dr. Mischa
Dr. Mischa
Sharon is a blessed force of Nature. Her love for all people is apparent to all she meets. She uses that love and connection to help people face their past, learn from the lessons there and create their perfect future.

In the process, she uses all the resources she can access from books to her own experience to spirit guides and prayer to help her clients. She is tough when she needs to be and gentle when she needs to be and has an innate understanding of when to do so. Her joy for living and belief in her clients is contagious, helping them to grow and develop themselves with confidence. They get to a place where they understand that they are capable of achieving anything they can clearly envision as long as they do the work.

She helps people to love and believe in themselves and gives them the tools they need to face everything life throws at them and still achieve their goals and become the person they want to be.
You are a healer of depression, brokenness, and lifelessness. You help others see their full potential and their true talents and gifts. You show them how to not just realize who they are, but how to use that for good.
Your loving spirit opens minds and heals hearts. You are a true energy giver. A genuine and passionate light to those in need.

I am so thankful I have come to know you.
I have been working singularly with Sharon as my life coach. Sharon is deeply committed to helping others and spreading her love with a desire to awaken infinite divine love within every person that she meets. I’ve witnessed and received her focused loving support.

When Sharon shines her light on someone, you feel it! It’s her gift to all of us. Her skilled mentorship, poignant wisdom as an ‘old soul’, provocative ‘truths’, and deeply personal insights tailored to my specific life’s needs are truly remarkable, while helping me to realize optimal growth at a difficult crossroads in my life.

She is moving me toward healing, personal growth, professional achievement, and ultimately fulfillment of my hopes and dreams. Sharon is a treasure, and I value immensely her contributions in guiding me to improve the quality of my life.
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You Are Not Broken And You Are Not Alone!

I believe that the infinite is at work in every human being, that every person on this planet is inherently deserving, and that we are each far more powerful than we know !

I believe our dreams are our birthright…

I believe we are not given a dream without the power to bring it to life. Our authentic dream calls for our willingness to the outer and inner work  required to bring it into reality. I believe our dreams choose us, that they are the callings of our soul. You have a divine vision deep inside your soul… you know you must make it real- not because anyone is forcing you to, but because it just won’t stop calling your name. It’s time to shift… to stop stuffing down that voice of wisdom inside of you that knows you were meant for MORE.

The Divine Dream Code

So ask yourself…what do YOU really, really want?

What is the dream that would make you jump out of bed each morning because you have another day to breathe life into your vision? The one that makes you burst with excitement just thinking about it? What is the dream life you’ve been envisioning? You know the one…the one that will only exist beyond what’s “expected of you” or outside of your “comfort zone”.

That’s the dream I want to help you create

Meet Sharon


Well Hello I’m Sharon Coleman

I am a Transformational leadership coach. I provide life changing transformational tools to reconnect people to their authentic selves as they step-in to their power and create joyful lives.

Through clear cut strategies and energy work, I’ll show you how to recreate self-limiting beliefs, radiate red-hot confidence, and become crystal clear on the vision for you life

Together, we’ll get fiercely intentional on how to rise into your power and create the rich, soul aligned life you’ve always desired.

I have unshakable faith in you…and can’t wait to watch you lead a life past your wildest imagination that lights you up from the inside out!

Work with Sharon

Create The Life You Really Want!

You deserve to live a life you love – it’s that simple. And the best part is that it can be easy!

Each program with coach Sharon Coleman allows you to tap into the scientific and spiritual process for lasting transformation. You’ll learn the proven strategies and practical tools for creating your dream life.

As you develop your success mindset, you’ll feel more confident, allow more joy in your life and be a magnet for an abundant lifestyle. As you practice new skills and exercises you will experience self -love and start to tap into the Divine which is always present to support you in your journey.

Plus, you’ll create a blueprint with step by step actions to bring your dreams into reality. This is the proven, reliable and repeatable formula by Sharon that leads you to create a life you love living, faster and more easily than you ever imagined possible.

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Your Divine Vision is waiting to be awakened…unleashed…fulfilled

Quantum Leap Into Your New Life…

Now is when you listen to that little voice deep inside of you and pursue the path that lights you up inside.

The one you were born to bring to life…

Together, we’ll turn your passion into oceans of impact and income…

And you’ll change the world with your unique gifts. Yes, you!

Join Us For The Divine Dream Code™

I am overjoyed to share with you a PROVEN, 90-day process for transforming your life and jumpstarting the results you want to see, you will learn to live the life you want AND enjoy the fulfillment of building your dreams.

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Divine Dream Mastery™

In this 12 month VIP program with private access to Sharon you will develop Mastery in 6 Key Areas of Life: Intention, Health, Abundance, Manifestation, Love and Transformation. Learn the 11 universal laws and How to step into your genius to experience a quantum leap in your personal and professional result

Yes, I want a Quantum Leap!

My whole path shifted. I made some realizations in this safe place that allowed my path to change. I’m forever grateful and highly recommend Sharon as your mentor for prosperity – Jocelyne Mentoring Client

So If your heart is thumping in your chest,
there’s still time for your dreams…

Let’s make magic

Kick Fear To The Curb!

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“Before working with Sharon, I felt like I wasn’t worthy. She encouraged me to look for a position that paid more and was more in line with what I wanted to do.

I ended up changing careers and finding a job in the middle of the pandemic. Right now, I’m working with a great company that has some really strong female leads.

Sharon has helped me increase my confidence, grow as a person, and improve my business and personal relationships. She’s such a great listener and always makes me comfortable talking to her.

You can’t get off the phone with her without feeling like you’ve been lifted up. Her joy is so contagious. They say to surround yourself with people who bring you up, and she always lifts you up. She lifts you higher.”

– Jill Englett

“I wanted to be more in charge of my life. In the past, I wasn’t a confident leader. I’ve always doubted myself and haven’t been able to speak up about how I feel.

Sharon made me feel better about myself and pointed out things I never knew about myself. She touched an area in my heart that was really hard and helped me soften it.

After working with Sharon, I’m a completely different person in terms of being a leader. I started saying whatever I want and not holding back.

Sharon’s approach is completely different from other coaches I had. It sounds cliché, but she really cares about the person and puts the person first.

I had a business coach before and I felt like it was all about them and not me. Whenever I talk to Sharon, I feel like she’s focusing on me. This is why I can open up and trust her. I feel safe with her. She genuinely cares about me having a better life.”

– Hayan Lee

“The workshop I attended changed my life. It was more than a learning experience. This was a loving space of respect where Sharon shared practical ways to remove the blocks between us and joy and abundance.

I did not know what to expect when I got there, I’m a very shy person, but the room and atmosphere were inviting and loving. There was respect and love and a sharing of ideas rather than a classroom atmosphere.

My whole path shifted. I made some realizations in this safe place that allowed my path to change. I’m forever grateful and highly recommend Sharon as your mentor for prosperity.”

– Jocelyne Kangail

When I first met Sharon, I was stuck in a life that was going nowhere. I worked up to 60 hours a week and oftentimes wasn’t paid for the overtime. I had extremely low self- esteem. It was so bad that I didn’t take a vacation or call out for 10 years. My belief was that if I wasn’t there, they might realize they didn’t really need me. Sad right? Sharon from day one taught me to see my real worth. She showed me that I was not seeing the real me, that I had allowed the low opinion of my parents to define how I felt about myself. As I discovered the truth about myself my self- esteem began to rise. She helped me see how much good I brought to my job and the people around me. In the past I had turned down multiple job advancements because I was scared that I wasn’t going to be good enough. I learned through Sharon how to look at myself and other people in a whole different way and how to see the beauty in myself and others.

Now, I run a successful multi-million dollar business with wonderful employees that are dedicated to me and the business. There is so much more she has helped me with. She is a caring and loving lady that I would trust my life with. I hope that you will join me on this wonderful journey. If you do you will soon feel fulfilled and deeply grateful for the changes that will start coming to your life.

– Francie Repass